The oldest vineyard is the Barbera, planted in 1940, followed by other plants up to the present day as Langhe Nebbiolo DOC, Barbera d’Alba DOC and Dolcetto d’Alba DOC. Now we have the possibility of cultivating new vineyards.

The hill, is totally facing SOUTH, SOUTH-WEST. The composition of the soil is a mixture of tuff-limestone-clay, typical of the land of Langa, suitable for vineyards, hazelnuts and orchards.

From the planting of a new vineyard to the total production four years pass. Two years are used to take care of the growth. The 3rd year we have 70% production. Finally, the 4th year the production is 100% (as per provincial-regional disciplinary regulation of DOC and DOCG)

  • Nonno Talin vineyard
  • Nonna Giovanna vineyard
  • Mamma Bruna vineyard
  • Vineyard Samuele 2000
  • Miriana vineyard
  • Angelica vineyard
  • Isabella vineyard
  • Pascolo Avi vineyard