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 Un paese ci vuole… Un paese vuol dire non essere soli, sapere che nella gente, nelle piante, nella terra c’è qualcosa di tuo.
Cesare Pavese, La luna e i falò.

The area of Vergne extends among the municipalities of Barolo, La Morra, Novello and Narzole. Even though this is a small hamlet, our Pro Loco organizes a lot of events throughout the year.

Festival del Volo: in March, spring sky is colored by kites and hot-air balloons.

Festa dei Pittori: every year in May, artists come here to show and sell their own works, animating the town.

Festa dell’Amicizia e del Bon Vin: four days at the beginning of September with entertainment, dance and gastronomic events; a special occasion to meet friends and spend some hours together.

Mostra dei Presepi: in December, families install and exhibit Nativity scenes, made of different materials.

Murales: throughout the year, strolling along the streets, it is possible to admire numerous murals that adorn the walls of the houses of the town and that portray the crafts of the owners of the houses.

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