Un paese ci vuole.... Un paese vuol dire non essere soli, sapere che nella gente, nelle piante, nella terra c'è qualcosa di tuo.

Cesare Pavese, La luna e i falo`

If you are in Vergne, during your visit to the Langhe come and visit us!

We are a fraction of Barolo, 3 km away from there and 7 km from Narzole.
3 km away from Novello and La Morra, 15 km from Alba, 15 km from Bra and 10 km from Cherasco.

Contact us! 388 0765690 or 339 1266359 and organize the tour with a visit to the wine cellar, vineyards and tasting of our great wines always accompanied by an aperitif with local gastronomy. Possibility of buying wines directly in the farmhouse.

The Vergne area is subdivided among the communes of: Barolo, La Morra, Novello, Narzole. Despite being a small village we have a “Pro Loco” alive and lively.

The initiatives in Vergne unfold throughout the year.

  • Festival of Flight: in March kites and hot air balloons color the spring sky.
  • Painters’ Festival: in May the village comes alive and is colored thanks to the artists who every year come to the village to exhibit and sell their works.
  • Festival of Friendship and Bon Vin: at the beginning of September four days of entertainment, dancing and gastronomic evenings; a unique opportunity to meet in simplicity with friends and to spend a few hours in serenity and joy.
  • Exhibition of Nativity Scenes: it continues in the month of December all the families prepare and expose outside a crib with the most different materials.
  • Murals: all year round you can admire, walking through the streets, the many murals that adorn the houses of the village reproducing the ancient crafts of the owners of the house.