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albero genealogico famiglia vaira

A big passion going from the land to the cellar The Tenuta, which Padri Somaschi inherited from countess Gallaman, was first rented from our family and then bought by our parents Francesco Natale and Giovanna. Their bet was to raise five children by keeping the activity of growing the vineyard and wine making, that was started by our grandfather Guglielmo.

By building the new cellar, we introduced new elements in the traditional relation with the land and the natural environment. The installation of solar panels on the roof, the careful use of fungicides and the reuse of bottles are some examples of the attention we are paying to the relation between agriculture and ecology. If you talk with Maurilio and ask how heavy the job of a winemaker can be, he will answer with something like a philosophy of life: The tradition, the love for the land to respect and cultivate with care, the knowledge of every single row of vines, the dedication of the work in the cellar cannot divert our attention from the most important activity in the world: building relationships and creating occasions to meet and spend time with our family, relatives and friends. The visitor who comes to discover our cellar becomes a guest immediately and, after some tastings together, he becomes a new friend we are glad to greet again for a new purchase or simply for a new visit. We are waiting for you to meet us, share some happy moments, discover our plots and taste our wines!