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Truffle hunting in the Langhe region

The exclusive fruit of our woods: white truffle

In 1986, the Tartufaia was officially recognized under regional Law 752/1985. This law gives the permission of searching for truffles in the delimited area exclusively to our family, owner of the land. The copse extends for four hectares up to the “Rio Torbido”, a stream at the foot of the S.Bartolomeo di Cherasco cliffs and up to a big wood (property of the court of claims) called “del Pasc”, since in the past it was used as a grazing land for head of cattle (bovines and sheeps) belonging to the inhabitants of Vergne.

To enrich the natural truffle production of the wood, in the mid-70’s oaks and poplars were planted in this area. These trees had been treated with spores, able to increase the likelihood of the development of the symbiosis between the tree and the valuable hypogeous fungus “Tuber magnatum pico”, i.e. white truffle. The thrill of watching a dog smelling the ground, the expectation you have when you see him scratching the dirt, the scent the truffle releases after being discovered are similar to the sensation one can have after discovering a mystery treasure.

Make a reservation, try the excitement of truffle hunting in Langa and live a unique experience with us and our dogs!

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