Truffle hunting in the Langhe region

The exclusive fruit of our woods: white truffle

The truffles hunting in the Langhe is the emotion of seeing the dog at work, the hope that takes hold of you when you see him “rasping” after having sniffed the ground, the scent that the truffle emanates when it is discovered, the feeling of having searched and found a mysterious treasure.

Since 1985 the truffle farm has been officially recognized under the regional law 752/1985 which gives our family, the owner of the land, the exclusivity of the search for truffles in the area marked by special signs.

Since then we continue to raise the mother plants and their cuttings that give the precious tuber, taking care not to ruin (maintain) the surrounding environment that is best suited to the production of truffles.

Our reserve is protected and controlled not only by us, the owners, but also by regional officials, forestry carabinieri and state institutions that make sure that all this happens.

Those who want to experience the search for truffles with our dogs and us owners in our reserve, we have trails to facilitate this.

Discover the emotions of truffle hunting in the Langhe. Live this unique experience with us and our dogs.

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