From the tradition of Grandfather, the rediscovery of Langhe white wine

The red grapes from different vines blend harmoniously in this white wine to give our senses a totally new, different and special taste and aroma.
“Samuele TrAmici” white wine wants to accompany you throughout the meal in a straw-yellow dress, a fruity and soft taste on the palate, but with a hint of fruit and berries that can easily be combined with appetizers, fish, and pasta. Sublime as aperitif.

Specifications white whine “Samuele TrAmici”

Denomination: “Samuele TrAmici” white wine.
Grades: from 12° degrees.
Production area: mid-hill 350 msl, Vergne Narzole hamlet; south-east – south-west exposure.
Soil: Marl-calcareous-clayey typical of the Langa.
Cultivation system: Guyot.
Harvest time: mid-September – mid-October.
Type of vinification: must of red grapes without skins vinified in white.
Ageing: 4 months in steel barrels.
Maturation: in bottle, also immediately.
Colour: bright straw yellow.
Aromas and flavours: a mix of particular essences of the territory, all to be discovered, inimitable.
Food pairings: sublime as aperitif, excellent with fish and first courses or throughout a meal.
Serving recommendations: serve chilled at 5-8°C, if possible, drink it in crystal glasses.

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