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From the tradition of Grandfather

The red grapes blend harmoniously to give back to our senses a taste and a totally new fragrance diverse and special. The White Tramici wants to accompany you throughout the meal in a pale yellow dress, a fruity taste and sour, but with the flavor of fresh fruits that easily goes well with appetizers, fish and pasta dishes.

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Name: white wine Tramici

Degrees: 12 °

Production: Half hill 350 meters above sea level, fraction Vergne Narzole; south east – southwest.

Soil: clay and limestone (tufa).

Growing system: Guyot.

Harvest: the meta- late September.

Vinification: the must of red grapes vinified without skins in white.

Aging: white wine ready to drink, it can also last in time

Colour: pale yellow.

Perfume: fresh fruit and particular aromas.

Taste: fruity and low acidity.

Food pairing: aperitif, fish and pasta dishes, or for the whole meal.