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Langhe, towns, people, events

The Langhe of Alba, an area of Southern Piedmont delimited by the river Tanaro and hills of Alta Langa, are the cradle of products of excellence: DOC and DOCG wines, IGP hazelnuts (Nocciola del Piemonte IGP), DOP cheeses and the exquisite Alba White Truffle. Perfectly arranged vineyards cover the soft hills from which towns and farmhouses appear. The castles which dominate the hills are the signs of a past time that is still alive in the soul of “langhetti”, people able to work hard but also to celebrate for days, with a strong civic pride, master at welcoming and caring.

Because the Savoy Piedmont of Regge and Corti, of palaces and gardens, preserves its ancient, wild and original soul in the Langhe and Monferrato, among groves of oaks and fragrant rutans, among hazelnut groves and pastures, among pheasants and wild boars, in stone villages and Romite country churches. A soul of ancestral beauty that is reflected in the snowy chain of the Alps to protect it and is spoiled with seafarers, the wind of the sea that warms and smells, giving it that microclimate so special for its inimitable wines.

But it is still a rough soul, made of hard work and sacrifices, of poverty and emigration, of resistance and fatalism, so well told by Cesare Pavese and Beppe Fenoglio, not by chance two of the greatest Italian writers of the ‘900 grown on these hills.

Don’t be surprised if today all this has become a World Heritage Site and the Cultural Landscape of these vineyards has been declared the 50th Italian site protected by UNESCO: we have always known that we live in a unique, special and magical place.