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In Piedmont, in the territory of Langhe, famous for DOC wines such as Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, the “Tenuta del Barone” farm is set: it is a 23-hectare plot of land owned by the Vaira family. After a long time of selling grapes to other cellars, in 2006 we started bottling a small quantity of the product.

After the construction of the new cellar, wine making and bottling gradually increased, becoming the main activity of the company. Thanks to an exclusive production of red grapes, an ancient technique used to clarify the must was introduced in 2013, allowing the production of a soft, fruity white wine and creating the “TrAmici”. In July 2016 the new Tasting Room was inaugurated, obtained by renewing the oldest part of the building (beginning of the 18th Century). We are glad to host wine lovers for a tasting of our wines together with some traditional dishes of Piedmontese cuisine. Our next steps will be the creation of a small museum and of a genealogical tree of Vaira family and of Tenuta del Barone, whose existence is publicly known since 1606. At present, the farm is composed by a 9-hectare vineyard where Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto grapes are produced, a 10-hectare field and a 4-hectare wood where the tuber magnatum pico (Alba white truffle) grows spontaneously.

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